Equine Sports Medicine at UC Davis

UC Davis is committed to providing horses with the highest levels of innovative care through cutting-edge clinical treatments and solution-oriented research. Future plans include expanding equine sports medicine and rehabilitation services, offering a dedicated equine sports medicine and rehabilitation residency program, and providing opportunities for advanced research to inform protocols and guidelines in these areas.

The Equine Performance and Rehabilitation Center, part of the future Veterinary Medical Center, will feature world-class services, including gait analysis with videography and force plate technology, advanced diagnostic tools such as the MILEPET standing equine PET scanner, an equine underwater treadmill, vibration plate therapy, a covered Eurociser, and more. Through this center, UC Davis is working to reimagine equine veterinary medicine with innovative teaching, research, and Olympic-level approaches to equine health.

In addition, we recently announced the Center for Equine Health’s expansion to Templeton Farms near Paso Robles, California. Designed and operated as a premier sport horse facility, our vision includes sport horse medicine services and training opportunities in this central California location.

These new facilities will propel UC Davis equine medicine into the future, enabling us to graduate highly-trained specialists whose veterinary careers will significantly impact horses in California and beyond.

Templeton Farms
UC Davis Center for Equine Health, Templeton Farms